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There’s a new orchestral force in London, and it’s made up of Australians in exile. ABC Limelight magazine’s Gavin Dixon meets the intrepid young female conductor behind Ruthless Jabiru.

Running an all-Australian chamber orchestra in London is a complex operation, but there’s one problem artistic director Kelly Lovelady does not need to worry about – finding enough players. “When I call people, most have already heard about the project on the grapevine,” Kelly says, “they are really interested to hear more.”

It’s no secret that Australia is particularly well represented among London’s residents, and many hold senior positions in British orchestras and opera companies. But it is not often they perform together. Lovelady is out to change that with Ruthless Jabiru, a project…

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A ruthless performance from London’s all Australian orchestra

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ON THURSDAY 9 May all Australian orchestra Ruthless Jabiru put on a remarkable and moving performance to a gathered crowd of both Australian and UK supporters at Australia House.

Held in the lavish reception hall, the heavy brocade curtains and marble pillars set an appropriate tone for an orchestral concert. Guests were greeted with a range of Western Australian wines, before being seated for the performance.

Agent-General of Western Australia, Kevin Skipworth, welcomed guests and acknowledged the generosity of Australian Business, Australian Council for the Arts and Westpac in helping to support the concert…

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Review at Seen and Heard International “Ruthless Jabiru: A stimulating programme by London’s Australian orchestra”

The orchestra has received a very positive review of last week’s concert at the website Seen and Heard International. Critic Gavin Dixon commended the players, venue, conductor Kelly Lovelady, and the choice of programme; affirming the night as “a clear statement of intent” for the orchestra’s “very bright” future.

THE EXPAT FACTOR | Kelly Lovelady – A Ruthless Conductor

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My stint in the UK began in 2007. I was being forced out of Canada for the second time for visa reasons, having lived between Montreal and Winnipeg for almost 5 years studying conducting. It was all very unexpected, I’d really begun to think Canada was a place I could build my musical career, and I just wasn’t mentally prepared to leave. It was devastating, I was a mess.

I had to think fast, so I decided on a whim to go to Edinburgh. I’d recently had some great fringe theatre experiences in Adelaide, so I decided to seek out what I knew best, and at that stage it was fringe. I’d never been to Edinburgh, and didn’t know a single person living there. I rang everyone I knew with Scottish connections, and managed to…

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