Ruthless Jabiru receives Julian Baring Award

Ruthless Jabiru has been awarded the 2013 Julian Baring Award from the Tait Memorial Trust. The Tait Trust supports young Australian performing artists pursuing career development in the UK. The Trust was formed in 1992 in memory of Sir Frank and Viola, Lady Tait, and of the Tait brothers, who played an important role in the establishment of the performing arts in Australia. The Julian Baring Award honours the late husband of the Trust’s founding Chairman, Isla Baring OAM.

4 thoughts on “Ruthless Jabiru receives Julian Baring Award

  1. A huge achievement–heartiest congratulations to the great stars that you are.
    Peter from Melb

  2. Congratulations Ruthless Jabiru, Kelly and all the musicians involved, such an honour. We are very proud of you back here in Australia!!

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