Cat Hope “Pure”

Cat Hope Pure for found object, orchestra and subtones (2014-16)
Devised by Kelly Lovelady
Performed by Ruthless Jabiru, Jeremy Barnett found object
Live recording by Apple & Biscuit

Ruthless Jabiru // Fuel
Joy & Dissent: festival of cultural Activism
Hackney Showroom, London, 09 April 2017
Photo by Hugh Warwick
Video by Kelly Lovelady

Written during a residency at the Visby International Composers Centre and supported by ISCM and AMC, this work is part of a series by Cat Hope that look at glissandi and drone when combined with very low subtones. Other pieces in the series are Shadow for two strings and subtone (2016), Tone Being for tam tam and subtone (2016) and Dynamic Architecture for double bass and transducer (2015).

The object for this performance was the battered body of an upright bass found on the streets of Hackney, rebuilt and filled with 200 ping pong balls.

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