Diverse cast unite in Bushra El-Turk’s Silk Moth


Ruthless Jabiru welcomes lauded British-Egyptian mezzo Camille Maalawy to perform the principal role of Mother in the orchestra’s forthcoming production Silk Moth for Grimeborn Festival 2019.

Maalawy has won critical acclaim for her passion and expressiveness across Arabic and Sephardic song in addition to continuing success on the opera and concert stage. Her Continue reading

Silk Moth and honour

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Template 258x173 copy.jpg“What would you say to your dead wife or daughter if she were still here?”

“I would say that I acted out of love, and I know that she would understand.”

This  exchange appears in Witold Szablowski’s collection of reportage from Turkey, The Assassin from Apricot City and simply and devastatingly illustrates the complexity of ‘honour’.

Honour, as I understand it as I sit here tapping away in East Sussex, is about acting with ethical integrity, with an awareness of a higher purpose, of doing the best one can as a human being.

But what about ‘honour’ so destructive that it leads to the violent deaths of 5,000 women a year worldwide, including about a dozen in the UK?
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Lecturer’s libretto returns to the stage

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Template 258x173.jpgAn opera featuring a libretto written by a University of Brighton lecturer is to be performed in London in August

17 June 2019

Eleanor Knight, who teaches on the Creative Writing MA, wrote the libretto for the short opera Silk Moth which premiered at the Nour Festival of Arts in London in 2015.

Ruthless Jabiru’s Silk Moth runs at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney from 09-11 August. Part of the theatre’s Grimeborn season, the production weaves together Arabic and Western music traditions and explores honour crime, family violence and female (dis)empowerment in Britain and beyond.
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