About meghanchase

Marketing major and music minor at Santa Clara University. Studying abroad in London. Interning for Ruthless Jabiru.

Stay Ruthless

As one could imagine, moving to London, England for three months after growing up in Boise, Idaho seemed a bit daunting. Not only was I being thrown into classes and daily life in the heart of the city, I was taking on an Internship that I knew nothing about until the very last minute. However, the stars must have been aligned. I was introduced to Kelly, Ruthless Jabiru’s Artistic Director, through a mutual connection at the beautiful Southbank Centre and so began our work together through the FIE Internship Programme.

A little known fact about Kelly: she is an independent coffee shop connoisseur. Unfortunately, I didn’t share her expert knowledge navigating the city and ended up sending SOS messages every time I got lost on the way to meetings! Each work day we met at one of her hidden gems for coffee and conversation about ideas, plans, and research. Kelly set tasks that allowed me to learn through a combination of research and experience and I was able to put forward my own ideas for new ways to expand the orchestra’s brand. My tasks included everything from making spreadsheets and emailing contacts to researching crowdfunding platforms and laughing out loud at their promotional videos. Kelly also set up some external meetings for me. I was introduced to staff from the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic, as well as sitting in on some company meetings. Being both passionate about the music industry and an avid Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fan, these were amazing opportunites!

I am so grateful for my time with Ruthless Jabiru, and the opportunity to take an inside look at the orchestra and watch it grow. Although I’ve now had to return to the United States, I wish Kelly and the players nothing but the best and am excited to watch the orchestra’s success from afar. Stay ruthless!

Ruthless Jabiru to join Bimblebox Art Project

Ruthless Jabiru has been invited to be part of a project in aid of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in central-west Queensland, where 153 bird species are under threat by a long-wall and open-cut coal mining proposal. The installation has been devised by visual artist Alison Clouston and sound artist Boyd in conjunction with the Bimblebox Art Project. Alison and Boyd have compiled mnemonics and onomatopoeias for the 153 birds under threat, to be interpreted as text compositions by 153 musicians and combined to form the installation soundtrack. The goal of the project is to highlight the threat to the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, to document Bimblebox creatively, and to show Australians and the world what we are at risk of losing. The installation will tour at least eight venues across four Australian states. We will be sharing audio from Ruthless Jabiru’s contribution to the project in the weeks ahead.