Egidija Medekšaité “Sandhi Prakash” (Junction of Day and Night)

Egidija Medekšaité Sandhi Prakash for 16 strings (2013)
Developed for Ruthless Jabiru through the Sound and Music Portfolio composer scheme
Performed by Ruthless Jabiru, Kelly Lovelady conductor
Live recording of world premiere

Ruthless Jabiru and Russell Harcourt // The Past
Australia & New Zealand Festival of Literature & Arts
Chapel, Kings College London, 31 May 2014
Artwork by Adnate
Video by Kelly Lovelady

“Sandhi” means junction, and “Prakash” means light. The term “Sandhi-Prakash” means junction of day and night. This period happens twice within 24 hours, one at Sunrise and the other at Sunset. According to time theory the Sandhi-Prakash time is three hours duration, from 4 to 7 both in the morning and evening.

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